BIOMEDigital: November 4-5, 2020 • 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST

Start-Up Stadium

Be one of the first to see the next generation of medtech companies in the Start-up Stadium, hosted by MassMEDIC.

MassMEDIC’s Start-up Showcase is the longest running medtech start-up event in Massachusetts, and has seen the likes of Abiomed participate in the pitch-offs. The first program took place in 1998, and this year, we will be celebrating the 23rd edition virtually within the BIOMEDigital event.

Hear from thought leaders on how to get investment, how to success as a start-up, and position your company for your next life stage.

Start-Up Stadium Agenda

  • November 4th
    9-10 a.m.

    The Insiders Perspective: Making a Medtech Investment
    What does it take to raise big money in medtech in 2020? This panel of leading medtech investors will take us through the ins and outs of raising capital.

    • Moderator: Brian Johnson, President, MassMEDIC
    • Aaron Sandoski, Managing Director, Norwich Ventures.
    • V. Kadir Kadhiresan. Vice President, Venture Investments, JJDC,
    • Darshana Zaveri, Managing Partner at Catalyst Health Ventures

  • November 4th
    10 a.m.-1 p.m.

    Seed Round Startup Presentations
    Take a look at the next generation of early stage companies from our 2020 MedTech IGNITE co-hort. IGNITE, is MassMEDIC’s virtual accelerator.

    Agile Devices, Beacon Biomimetics, Biomembretics, Burnie, Cellens, Embr Labs, Incasa Health. LivOnyx, Medsix, Nesa Medtech, PopDoc, RBI Medical, RevMedica, Stratagen Bio, UV Light Care, VeraDermics, Walkky, Xander

  • November 4th
    1-2 p.m.

    The Insiders Perspective: Getting a Medtech Investment
    These three CEOs just raised big money in 2020. How did they do it? What can you learn from their experiences? We dive deep into how they did it.

    • Moderator: Dave Shephard, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Medworld Advisors
    • Jon Bloom, CEO, Podimetrics
    • Rahul Dhanda, Co-Founder & CEO, Sherlock Biosciences
    • Andy Levine, CEO, Conformal Medical

  • November 4th
    2-4 p.m.

    Company Presentations
    We’ve brought together some of the most exciting emerging medtech companies in New England to present for our emerging medtech presentations.

    Admetsys, LightPoint Medical, ChroniSense Medical Hyalex Orthopaedics, Pristine Surgical, Instant Nanobiosensers, TaipeiBio, APrevent Medical, IMMAD, X-Cor, CathBuddy, Dynocardia, Trust BioSciences, Cognoptix

  • November 4th
    4-5 p.m.

    MassMEDIC Breakout Networking
    Stick around for a lightening fast round of networking, hosted by MassMEDIC and Sponsored by ThermoFischer Scientific

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Who Attends?

  • Startup Medical Device Companies
  • VP’s and Directors of R&D
  • Internal and external heads of M&A
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investors

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