BIOMEDigital: November 4-5, 2020 • 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST

Speed Networking - Get Ready to Meet Your Matches

The BIOMEDigital virtual speed networking hour, taking place November 5th, 1:00pm EST, will give you the chance to meet with suppliers and/or buyers face to face in a highly interactive virtual environment.

How It Works

First and foremost, make sure you are registered for the overall BIOMEDigital event. Then you are ready to create your profile.

Creating your profile will only take 5 mins.

  1. Click HERE and then “Join Now”
  2. Create your speed networking profile – tell us about yourself and how you want to connect with your matches. Then, click “Let’s get started”
  3. Copy and paste this code when asked for the Event Key bf284241-4e06-4390-a2cc-1523dc43a8e4
  4. Click register for the event
  5. Fill in the categories and rank them from not interested to highly interested

What to Expect on the Day

When you log back in for the 1:00pm EST kick off time, expect to go to your profile and have your matches waiting for you. You will be given 6 mins per meeting with 1 minute break between each meeting. Once your meeting is over, you will be automatically be placed into your next virtual room.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Please Note:

  • You must register and create your profile 24 hours prior to the event taking place. Therefore, your registration must be finished before Wednesday November 4th, 1:00pm EST or you will not get access to this part of BIOMEDigital.
  • At 9 a.m. eastern on the day of the event, you will be sent a check-in reminder. You must check-in to the event 60 mins before it begins. This is to ensure we have as many people confirmed to attend as possible. If you do not check-in 60 mins prior to 1:00pm eastern, you unfortunately cannot participate.