BIOMEDigital: Watch on Demand

How do I register?
Click here to register. Fill in your information and you will receive an email confirmation with the link to the event. The event platform link will not open until the event is live at 8 a.m. ET November 4th.

I’ve registered for the event, but when I try to login to the platform, I get redirected to register.
From 8 a.m. ET on Wednesday November 4th, you will be able to access the platform using the following link: You will need your email address to gain access. If you attempt to login before this time, the system will not accept your login and will redirect you to the registration form. There is no need to register again, simply wait until the system opens.

What does the BIOMEDigital event platform look like?
There will be a lobby, expo hall, and a variety of theaters and networking/activity lounges. These can all be access via a tool bar at the bottom of the screen, or from the main lobby that you will see when you login.

How do I search and interact with exhibitors?
There are 2 main ways to search for exhibitors – you can search by category or search by exhibitor name. When you find the exhibitor you are looking for, you can take advantage of the content and offerings, and there is a chat function within the platform which will allow you to interact and chat to exhibitors through their virtual booths.

Do I need to sign up for the content sessions in advance?
No. You do not need to sign up for content sessions in advance. However, during the registration sign up, we will ask would you which sessions you are planning to attend to gauge popularity.

How do I participate in virtual speed networking and how does it work?
Once you register for BIOMEDigital, you will be sent a follow-up email with the link and code to participate. Your speed networking profile will only take 5 mins to create. You will be matched according to area of interest/solution provider categories depending if you are a buyer or supplier. On the day of the event, you will check-in 60 mins before the networking session begins, where you will be matched with other participants. When virtual speed networking begins, you will have 7 mins for each appointment where you will meet participants in 1:1 virtual meeting rooms.

I want to attend sessions that are happening at the same time. Is the content available after the event?
Content will be available after the event.

How do I interact with other attendees?
There is a chat function within the BIOMEDigital virtual event platform which will allow you to interact with other attendees who are online at the same time as you.

How and where do I capture my leads, and what info will be included?
You will receive your leads 7 days after the event. The lead reports will include where the attendees have visited aka clicked on within your booth, so you should be able to successful measure engagement from your lead report.

How do I build a virtual booth?
The BIOMEDigital team will give you some templates to chose from so you do not have to build a virtual booth from scratch! The graphics/visuals are highly customizable to make sure your company and branding are clearly represented and stand out from the other exhibitors. Your logo, booth style, primary color (optional) and booth builder main contact will need to be submitted by a designated deadline which will be communicated at a later date. Our client services team will also be in contact with you and available if you have any questions or need help.

Watch Our Booth Builder Training Modules Here:
Uploading content [8 mins]

Edit booth with content assignments, logo + screen image updates, assign intro video [11 mins]

Assigning booth reps + reminder to register to appear in booth's info card [5 mins]

How do I chat to attendees in my booth?
When a visitor enters a booth, you will receive an alert so you and your team can greet your visitor and have a conversation through two primary chat options:

Private & Public Chat:
Private 1:1 Chat—This is a chat between a Booth Rep and an attendee. You can have up to 10 private chats occurring at one time. You can also add another Booth Rep to your 1:1 private chat.

The Public Group Chat—This window allows Booth Reps and attendees to engage in a group chat which are visible to all attendees. Booth Reps and Attendees who join the Public Group Chat can view the history of comments and Q&A within that Public Chat by scrolling through the list of posted comments and questions.

Can people search for my products and company?
Yes. Within the expo hall, attendees will be able to search for you via product categories and company name. The search bar located at the top middle of the screen searches the full content environment. We recommend that exhibitors clearly name the documents and files that you will upload to your booth so attendees can easily find the information they need when searching either within the booth, or using the wider search functionality.

How will this event be marketed?
The event will be marketed to the wider BIOMEDevice database spanning across Boston to San Jose. The event will also be marketed within the highly coveted MD+DI and QMed online media publications and will be supported and marketed by many associations including MassMEDIC. In addition, this event will also have an extensive digital marketing campaign to target attendee profiles looking this this type of event across the US on social media platforms and digital ads.

Do you have any examples of a virtual expo on this platform?
Informa Markets has already hosted a number of successful virtual events using the 6connex platform. Please feel free to check out the Licensing Global and National Hog Farmer virtual events. You will experience it from an attendee’s perspective. It will only take 2 mins to register.